Gumball Dreams

By Ferryman Collective (other events)

44 Dates Through Jul 30, 2023

Show times are in PT, Los Angeles Time.

Narrative Summary:
You have been called by an alien creature named Onyx to a mythical planet on which they are living out their final days. You, and two others, are asked to help them transition from this reality to the next. 

But before Onyx can lay infinite wisdom at your feet, the weight of your spirit must be assessed. If found ready, you shall embark upon the journey of a lifetime, skipping among the stars, floating above the spheres, and remembering who you really are.

How it Works:
Gumball Dreams is a guided virtual reality theatre experience designed for three audience members, performed with a live actor playing multiple roles. Audiences may attend from anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to a Quest 2 or PCVR.

Through the magic of VR technology, participants will feel fully immersed into the 3D world. The production will provide support in getting attendees into the performance and troubleshooting any technical difficulties.

To make the most out of this experience, audience members should have their microphone ON so that they may speak with the characters that they encounter.

Audiences MUST wear headphones during the performance.

Livestream option will be provided through a private link. 

Each show runs between approx. 60 minutes long.

To learn more about this show, please visit:


Attendees will be required to create a VRChat account (this is free) and download the app to their Oculus or Steam account. We are Quest 2 friendly as well as PCVR via Steam. Quest 1 is not compatable and we ask that audiences do not come in on a PC or computer.